st augustine public works jobs

st augustine public works jobs

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Public Works Update 03/18/2013

A look into the Traffic Department and Grounds Maintenance.

Plans & Public Works, Monterey, CA

Learn about what City of Monterey's Plans and Public Works department does for residents and visitors.

National Public Works Week Video Featuring Tony Heinrichs

National Public Works Week recognizes the tens of thousands of men and women in North America who maintain the ...

Palm Bay Public Works "It's Our Job"

Palm Bay Public Works 2012 Annual Presentation to City Council. Check out this cool video and see all of the areas that Palm Bay ...

Behind the Scenes: John Klein, Public Works

IT'S A SCIENCE 🌞: Meet John Klein. He helps keep our City's waterways flowing, especially during rainy season. During ...

Ethics board fines Macomb County Public Works Dir. Anthony Marrocco for use of county facility in ad

Macomb County Public Works Director Anthony Marrocco has been fined by the county's ethics board because he used a county ...

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Mayor and Public Works address city's pothole problem

Mayor and Public Works address city's pothole problem.

Department Spotlight: Public Works

The Public Works Department provides critical operational services for the City of Casa Grande through its many divisions: Airport, ...

Employee Spotlight: Derrick Moore, Public Works

Derrick Moore, Sanitation Equipment Operator, Department of Public Works, shares information on his job and how it impacts ...

Happy New Year from the Fort Mill Public Works Department

Happy New Year from the Fort Mill Public Works Department.

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Public Works - Mowing

We take a look at Public Works and how they manage the city's properties and landscaping.

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Public Works Employee Honored For Bravery

On May 16, 2017, Dennis Greeley was grading alleys as part of his job working for Saint Paul Public Works. Dennis noticed a ...

Drunk On-Duty Officer Wrecks Police Car, Refuses Tests

Nine minutes of footage from this video were published roughly one year ago when the Piqua Police Department proactively ...

Daddy's Surprise Birthday Disaster with Ryan's Family Review!

Daddy's Birthday Disaster with Ryan's Family Review! Today is Daddy's birthday! Ryan and mommy tried to make birthday cake ...

City Budget Hangs Over Public Works Employees

As City Council struggles to find a working budget, workers wonder what will follow the holidays.

How To Install St Augustine Grass Plugs

If you haven't done so already, get your FREE 2020 Pre-Emergent Guide at ...

Chocolate chip cookies!

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CODE Video Fall 2019

In this video you will see the Kern County Public Works Department's Code Compliance Division's closed cases from the Fall of ...

Where To Find Full Time Remote Work | RV Living

GET YOUR RV GEAR HERE! Where To Find Full Time Remote Work | RV Living (EP 79) ℹ️ About this episode ...

Public Works Director John Norris Presentation to Council

Public Works Director John Norris briefs Town Council on the Water System's trihalomethanes (TTHMs) issue.

Public Works to create six million job opportunities

Public Works is planning to embark on radical transformation of all the sectors under its jurisdiction. The Department also ...

City of Sharonville Public Works Department

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Company to bring 920 jobs to Brevard County

Job-starved Brevard County is about to get some relief.

Come join the City's summer work crew

Come build the future with us as part of the City's seasonal public works crew. Mow, trim weeds, install signs, clear debris, and ...

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Keeping Beantown Looking Beautiful with the Boston Public Works

Who keeps Beantown looking beautiful? The Boston Public Works. And their 2000 public trash cans need emptying...enter Ashley ...

Public Works Street Maintenance Division Overview

Division Manager Matt Morreim and Street Maintenance employees talk about the vital services they perform throughout the year ...

St. Johns County Works: Community Programs

This Edition of St. Johns County Works centers on the men and women that make the many community programs for St. Johns ...

St. Johns County Works: Code Enforcement

This edition of SJC Works is on the Code Enforcement Division. The division has seven officers tasked with handling unsafe ...

Washington County Public Works Grand Opening

Washington County celebrated the opening of the renovated Public Works North Shop with a grand opening event on August 20th ...

St. Johns County Works: Public Works Large Mower Operations

They are the St. Johns County Public Works Large Mower Operations tractors. These FIVE tractors and their crews are out on the ...

Police pull over Florida state attorney

Two Florida police officers are facing scrutiny for a traffic stop where they pulled over a state attorney back in June. The entire ...